About Buy Open Plots

About Buy Open Plots – We are genuine and professional agents in dealing with Real Estate dealings unlike the real estate brokers in today’s market.

We are completely different in approach and transaction dealing. Transparency is the main pillar of our dealings and hence faith and trust can exist between all parties (Buyer, Seller and Us).

We deal with complete documentation and information while dealing. At the same time, we sit before the table with the buyer and seller when confirmation is done by both parties with respect to all dealing matters. No manipulations or fraud is acceptable for us. we deal fairly and hence charge our commission in the same manner. We look for long term relationships with the ones we get associated with. We don’t believe in timely relationships. We value “Values” and believe that “Money makes many things, but not all things“.

A hassle-free environment is guaranteed by us to enable smooth dealing for both the buyer as well as the seller. Our service charges are based on the type of dealing. We visit the sites before taking up and once we get fully convinced and get full details, we won’t take up the deal.

All our services are within reach for almost every needy. A buyer can contact us for making a good investment in properties that are worthy. A seller can contact us for disposing of his property for a good price. Our service charges according to the property type and worth of course.

Our Unique service is private financing. We provide necessary funding for the needy with our contacts. Amount against the property will be issued. Remember, we are just a mediator between finance and the borrower. We do not hold any responsibility in any sense for principal amount repayments or interest amount payments. Neither we don’t stand as a guarantor for any of the party’s.