Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood Plantation Plots

Red sandalwood is one of the most precious woods in the world. Red Sandalwood is used for treating diseases. It can reduce the death rate of some cancers and diseases.

Apart from medical use, from this timber, it makes good use as furniture and wood carvings. It is also famous for its Aroma and growth. Red Sandalwood maturity period trees are 10-15 years just within a space of 10 x 10 feet. It fetches approximately 500 kgs in 10 years and the present market rate for each tonne is between 30-35 lakhs.

Red sandalwood is called as GOLD in wood. The Red SandalWood is of high demand in China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Gulf countries. Hence it is one of the costly woods in demand.

2 crores amazing expected returns in 12 year life time of plants.

Good analysis example, Patanjali Swamy Ramdev Samantha in an auction paid ₹.200 crores for 700 tonnes. As per 10 plants, it shall earn ₹.1.60 cr (expectations).


As per Patanjali, it auctioned 7 TONNES FOR 200 CRORES

100 crores – 350 ton
10 crores   –  35 ton
1 crore      –  3.5 ton
50 lakhs    –  1750 kgs
25 lakhs    –   875 kgs
12.5 lakhs  –  435 kgs
6,25,000/- –  217 Kgs
3,12,500/-  – 108 Kgs
31,000/-     –  1 Kg

Means Per quintal is ₹. 3,12,500/- (or) ₹.32 lacs for 1 tonne.